Multinet Mobile
by Gamma.

A premium mobile service for the ultimate agile workforce.

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Keep business online with MultiNet by Gamma.

Empower your business with mobile network reliability that is tried and tested.

MultiNet by Gamma avoids the stresses of no signal by automatically switching between all available phone networks and utilising the one which offers the strongest signal.

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All of the networks.
Always available.

With MultiNet, gone are the days of moving around to find mobile phone signal.

Customers can now connect seamlessly and automatically to the strongest available network, ensuring that you can make important business calls and connect to data services without the stress of losing connection.

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Keep signal up and bills low when travelling for business.

Do you or your colleagues travel often on business? Do you struggle to find a good network signal abroad, and do you come back to a nasty surprise with your “roaming charges” in your phone bills?

With MultiNet, you can rest assured that your mobile phone coverage is available wherever you are in the world, at all times, and at a cost that doesn’t break the bank.

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One supplier.One contract.

Managing multiple mobile phone network contracts and suppliers can be an admin headache. With MultiNet by Gamma your staff have access to all mobile networks under one contract.

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The benefits of Multinet.

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Connect to any network.

If signal is available on any network, MultiNet will automatically find and connect to the strongest network.

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Stay in contact.

Keep your staff contactable at all times, regardless of location.

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A simple solution.

No more being tied down to one network, or managing multiple network contracts. One supplier, one contract.

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Reduce costs.

Keep costs down with no need for managing different network providers.

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Increased productivity.

Spend more time working and less time listening to voicemail after missed calls.

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Gain your clients trust.

Stand out to customers – be more reliable and available when it matters most

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